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Salinex for daily nasal hygiene and cleaning of nasal sinus and difficulty in breathing resulting

Salinex nasal drops Sodium chloride Composition : Active ingredients : Aqueous physiological solution containing 9 mg/ml of sodium chloride. Inactive ingredients: Benzalkonium chloride, Glycerin. Pharmaceutical form : Nasal drops


Lohydran powder for oral rehydration solution

Lohydran Powder for oral rehydration solution Composition: Each packet (4.216 g) contains: Sodium chloride                                  0.520 g. Trisodium dtrate dihydrate              0.580 g. Potassium chloride                             0.300   […]


LYSE Nasal moisturizer

LYSE Nasal moisturizer Nasal drops Benzyl alcohol free COMPOSITION: Each 100 ml isotonic solution contains: Sodium chloride             0.65 g Sodium bicarbonate      0.123 g Benzalkonium chloride (as preservative             0.02 g