Baby check one step hcg pregnancy test for home use

Baby check
One Step HCG Pregnancy Test For Home Use

Before Testing:

Collect a few ml first voided urine in the morning using an  appropriate container.

The box you have contains:

An aluminium pouch containing a reaction pack with desiccant.
Aplastic sample dropper.

How to test:

Remove tfi’ll reactloi pack from its protective p uch and lace it on a horizontal surface. Discard the desic ant bab Dispense 3 drops of urine into the sample well ( ) ( see drawings ).
Wait for colored bands to appear. Depending on the cocentration Of CG positive results can be observed in less th n 30 sec However to confirm negative results the complete reaction time of 5 m .

Interpretation of results :

1-Negative  :
Only one colored band appealS on the control region no color
Band will appears band on the test regien ( T ) .
2-Positive :
In addition to the control band a clearly disti gtllShable and also appears On the test region (T)

If there is no distinct color bends visible in the test window then the test is inconclusive. It is recommended ill this case to repeat the test with a fresh specimen after 48 hours.

Storage And Stabillity :

Store at 2C to 30C sealed do not freeze

produced by :

tabark company

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