BBC local anesthetic anti inflammatory and analgesic spray for oropharyngeal disorders

local anesthetic, anti inflammatory& analgesic spray for oropharyngeal disorders

Composition :

Benzocaine                                         15 mg
Benzydamine hydrochloride          1.5 mg
Cetalkonium chloride                      0.413 mg
Inactive ingredients :
propylene glycol, glycerol , ethanol , aspartame , disodum hydrogen phosphat 12h20 , monosodum hydrogen phosphate 2H20 , cherry flavour , purified water

Pharmaceutical form :

oromucosal spray

Indications :

– symptomatic relief of sore throat pain BBC spray is a locally acting analgesic and anti inflammatory for the throat and mouth
– it is especially useful for the relief of pain in traumatic conditions such as following tonsilectomy or the use of anaso gastric tube and dental surgery
– it is used in treatment of minor infections of the mouth and throat it has abroad spectrum antiseptic effect against many gram gram bacteria and some fungi& viruses

Contraindications :

– children under 6 years
– Epiglottitis
– Known hypersensitivity to benzocaine , benzydamine , cetalkonium chloride or any of the other inactive ingredients

Storage :

store at temperature not exceeding 25c

Dosage :

1-2 applications 3-4 times daily or as prescribed by the physician

Product of :

Amoun pharmaceutical co s.a.e
el obour city , cairo , egypt