Bendax is a broad spectrum anthelmintic


Tablets, Suspension


Bendax tablet: Each F.G. tablet contains: 200 mg Albendazole.
Bendax susp. : Each 10 ml suspension contains: 200 mg Albendazole.


Bendax is a broad spectrum anthelmintic, acting against intestinal and tissue
helminths, it has also antiprotozoal actions. It exhibits vermicidal, ovicidal and
larvicidal activities. It immobilizes and kills the susceptible worm by inhibiting
tubulin polymerization and blocking glucose uptake, thereby depleting the energy levels until it becomes immobile and dies, it has similar effect on giardia sp ..


Bendax is indicated for:
1- Single or mixed infections of :
*Nematodes (Round worms)
– Ascaris lumbricoides (large worm). – Enterobius vermicularis (pin worm).
– Ancylostoma duodenale and Necator americanus (hook worm).
– Trichuris trichiura (whip worm). – Strongyloides stercolaris (thread worm) .
*Cestodes (Tape worms)
– Taenia saginata (beef tape worm). – Taenia solium (pork tape worm).
– Hymenolepis nana (dwarf tape worm) .
*Protozoa: – Giardia lambilia
2- Neurocysticercosis .
3- Hydatid disease ( echinococcosis) .


* For adults and children over 2 years:
400 mg once daily (2 tablets or 20 ml suspension)
– single dose: Enterobiasis, Ancylostomiasis, Ascariasis & Trichuriasis
– for 3 day: Strongyloidiasis, Taeniasis, Hymenolepiasis & Mixed or heavy
– for 5 day: Giardiasis .
* For children below 2 years:
200 mg as a single dose (10 ml suspension) .
* Neurocysticercosis: 400 mg (2 tablets or 20 ml suspension) twice
daily for 8 – 30 days.
Hydatid disease: 400 mg (2 tablets or 20 ml suspension) twice
*  daily for 12 weeks.
(every 4 weeks must be followed by 2 weeks albendazole free interval)
N.B.: Patient weighing less than 60 kg : 7.5 mgl kg twice daily.


– Hypersensitivity to albendazole. – During pregnancy.

Adverse eRects:

The drug is generally well tolerated with minor and rare side effects
( GIT discomfort and headache may occur).


store at room temperature (15° – 30°C).


– Bendax tablets a box containing a blister of 6 film coated tablets.
– Bendax suspension: 30 ml or 60 ml suspension in a bottle with graduated
dosing cup in carton box.

Produced by :

SIGMA pharmaceutical industries – Egypt – S.A.E.

بنداكس مستحضر قاتل للديدان واسع المدى