Biofreez for relieve muscles aches joint pain and strains and sprains


Directions for use

1- What Is Biofreez Gel ?

Biofreeze Gel is a cooling medical product in a gel preparation for use on the skin. For topical pain relief.

2- When is Biofreez Gel used ?

Biofreez Gel special formula triggers a strong cooling effect on the skin. Biofreez Gel is used to relieve muscles aches, joint pain, strains and sprains

3- How is Biofreez Gel used ?

Biofreez Gel is for adults and .Y9uth above the age of 6. Apply a thin film of Biofreez Gel to the affected areas several times, but not more than 4 times daily. You will quickly feel a pleasant, cool effect. Massage is not necessary. Please wash your hands in cold water after use.
The Biofreez Gel special formula is non-greasy ar non-staining. The pleasant, fresh odor evaporates quickly.

4- When should Biofreez Gel not be use ?

Do not use Biofreez Gel if you are allergic to any the listed ingredients. Biofreez Gel should not be used under airtight bandages. The bandage should be applied only after the gel has been absorbed by the skin and the  alcohol has evaporated (several minutes). Biofreez Gel should-net be applied-to-open wounds, sensitive or damaged skin.

5- When should you use Biofreez Gel with caution ?

Please use Biofreez Gel only according to these instructions or as recommended by your doctor. Please note:
Biofreez Gel is not intended for internal use and should not be taken orally. In case of swallowing, contact a doctor or hospital immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes and/or mucous membrane’ Please do not apply Biofreez to irritated, injured,
damaged or sensitive skin. If local rashes or irritations develop after using Biofreez Gel, immediately discontinue the treatment.
If pain worsens despite the use of Biofreez Gel, the symptoms last longer than 7 days, or the pair clears up but recurs several days later, discontinu the use of Biofreez Gel and contact a doctor to
determine the cause of pain.

6- With what other remedies should Biofreez Gel not be used ?

Biofreez Gel should not be used in combination with other salves, creams or liniments. This applies particularly to heat packs or similar heating devices. A medical doctor should be consulted regarding use of Biofreez Gel while taking medication.

7- What side-effects can occur ?

Biofreeze Gel may trigger sensitivity reactions (including. difficulty breathing) in sensitized patients.

8- What ingredients are contained in Biofreez Gel ?

Active ingredient: Isopropyl alcohol Other ingredients: water, herbal extract (lIex paraguariensis), carbomer, triethanolamine,
menthol, camphor, silicon dioxide, methylparaben, glycerin, propylene glycol, coloring agents for E 102 and E 133.

9- In what package sizes is Biofreez Gel available ?

Biofreeze Gel is available in 55 g.
Do not use Biofreeze Gel after the eXRiration date on the label.

10- How should Biofreez Gel be stored ?

Keep the Biofreez container tightly closed.
Protect from light and moisture. Keep away from heat and an open flame.
Keep Biofreez Gel out of the reach of children

Manufacturer :

Made in the USA by: Performance Health, LLC Akron.
Made in the U.SA