Cal Preg dietary supplement contains calcium

Cal Preg
Film Coated Tablets


Each film coated tablet contains:
Oyster shell calcium 1600 mg
(Equivalent to elemental calcium 640 mg)


Dietary supplement contains calcium .


1-2 Film Coated Tablets daily or as prescribed by physicians.


– Constipation may occur with high calcium carbonate intake.
– Administration of high doses of vitamin D) should be avoided during Calcium therapy unless prescribed.
– Concomitant administration of corticosteroids may interfere with calcium absorption.
– It is better to avoid administration of oral tetracyclines with calcium which may lead to reduce its concentration in blood
– o.he.taken as directed by doctors.
– Avoid use by patient by with hypercalcemia & hypercalcurla.
– In overdose one should monitor calcium in blood, urine to avoid hypercalcemia & Hypercalcuria
– Avoid overdose, prolong use.
– Calcium may affect the absorption & efficacy of some medicines.
– keep out of reach of children.


Carton box containing 3(AI/PVC) strips each of 10 Film Coated Tablets with insert leaflet.


Keep at temperature not exceeding 30°C, in a dry Place
Dietary Supplements are not intended to diagnose ,treat ,cure or prevent any diseases.

Manufactured By :

Multicare Egypt for Pharmaceutical Industries