Calcitron dietary supplement to improve some body functions

Calcitron  Capsule

Composition :

Each capsule contains:
Calcium                                 134 mg
Magnesium                           68 mg
Potassium                             17.2 mg
Phosphorus                          16.87 mg
Zinc                                        2.63 mg
Manganese                           0.82 mg
Boron                                     0.68 mg
Silicon                                    0.53 mg
Copper                                   0.247 mg
Vitamin A                             842 lu
Vitamin D                             67 lu
Vitamin C                             17.5 mg

Properties :

Calcitron contains calcium, essential elements and vitamins needed by the body during growth, pregnancy and lactation.
Calcitron contains calcium and other elements combined with Amino acids in order to facilitate its absorption.


Dietary supplement to improve some body functions.

Dose :

One capsule twice daily.

Package :

Box contains 30 capsules.

Storage :

To be stored at room temperature.
Keep away from reach of chidren.

Manufactured by :

P&C LABS for
Nerhadou International for pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

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