Collomak for the removal of corns, calluses, hardened skin and warts.


Keratolytic For external use only


Each 10 9 solution contains :
Active Ingredients :
Salicylic acid               2 g
lactic acid                    0.5 g
inactive Ingredients :

Dibutyl phthalate, Ethyl cellulose, Acetone

Pharmacological Form:

Topical Solution

Pharmacological actions:

Salicylic acid is a potent Keratolytic which causes gradual softening and separation of the superficial horny layer of the skin & Lacnc acid enhances the effect of salicylic acid Polidocanol is a local anesthetic agent with an intense and lasting effect. Pain eases soon after application at Collomak the film forming base which contains the active ingredients of Collomak cover the skin by fixed layer.

pharmacokinetics :

Salicylic acid as well as lactic acid are absorbed through the skin at a highly variable degree depending
on the vehicle and on the physiological state of the skin in general the absorption will be higher at low ph value and through inflamed skin Both Salicylic acid & lactic acid undergo extensive metabolism and are excreted mainly as metabolites. As lactic aCid is a physiological product of mammalian metabolism it is completely degraded to carbon dioxide and exhaled in large amounts. ‘


For the removal of corns, calluses, hardened skin and warts.

Dosage and Administration:

A thin layer of Collomak solution should be applied directly on the affected area in the morning & in the evening and the contact of the solution with the surrounding skin should be avoided
in adults the maximum daily dose of Salicylic acid is 2g

In children, the maximum daily dose of Salicylic acid is 0.2 9 (equivalent to 1 ml 0f Collomak).
Collomak must not be used in infants under 2 years.


Collomak shouki not be used in case of hypersensitivity to Salicylfc acid. sencvtates or any ot the other Ingredients.

Collomak should not be applied on birthmarks, hairy warts, warts in the genital area or in the face.
Collomak should not be used in patients with impaired renal function (renal insufficiency)

Side effects:

Rarely, hypersensitivity reactions & local irritation of the skin (burning & reddening) may occur.

Drug Interactions:

Salicylic acid may increase the percutaneous absorption of other locally applied preparations and therefore intensHy their assimilation.
The absorbed salicylic add may tntensity the undesired effects of Methotrexate and the Blood-sugar reducing effect 01 oral anti-diabelic drugs 0f the Sulphonyl urea type.

Pregnancy/Breast Feeding :

Pregnancy :

for the treatment of corns and calluses during pregnancy Collomak should only be applied on small areas (smaller than 5 cm’).
Breast Feeding :
If Collomak is used according to the dosage instructions it is allowed to nurse crunng treatment.

Warning & precautions :

collomak must not come into contact with mucous membranes, especially the contact with the eyes, If this happen inadvertently the area should be washed with large amounts of water
Percutaneous absorption of Salicylic acid may be increased In case of diseases of the skin assooar with reddening and inflammations (e.g. psoriatic erythrodermia) or with superficially weeping changes of the skin.

Package & storage :