coughsed paracetamol for soothing, expectorant and anticatarrhal.

coughsed paracetamol


Each suppository contains :
Infants                                   Children
Essence of  Niaouli                     10 mg                                       20mg
Extract of Grindelia                    10 mg                                       20mg
Extract of  GeIsemium                5 mg                                        10 mg
Paracetamol                                  100 mg                                    250 mg
Inactive ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Semi synthetic solid glycerides (Witepsol HI5)


Essence of Niaouli is soothing, antisepting, resprratory stimulant, expectorant and anticatarrhal.
Extract of Grindelia & Gelsemium are expectorants & bronchodilators of plant origin. They are local antitussives & soothers.
Paracetamol is antipyretic & analgesic.
The combination of a local antitussive, a bronchodilator, a respiratory stimulant and a soothing agent together with the analgesic and antipyretic effects of paracetamol relIeves most ofthe respiratory tract infections.


Plant origin components are partially excreted from the respiratory route where they act locally. Paracetamol’s absorption from rectal route is prolonged. The bioavailability from rectal and oral routes’ is similar, the maximum plasma concentration level is reached after 2 hours, It is metabolized in liver and excreted in urine.


Cough and respiratory tract infections
– accompanied by fever.
– Bronchitis and common cold.
-analgesic and antipyretic.

Dosage & Administration:

1 – 12 months               One infants suppository once or
Infants                                                                           twice per 24 hours
12 – 24 months            One infants suppository twice per
24 hours
2-6  years                     One children suppository or                                                                                         twice per 24 hours
6 – 15 years                   One children suppository twice per
24 hours

Directions for use of su positories:

Keep suppositories in a cool place.

Dip the suppository in cold water before insertion, then insert it rapidly & deeply in the rectum

In case of newly born & young children, keep the buttocks tightly closed for a short time to avoid an eventual rejection of the suppository.


Coughs;t”Paracetamol is available in packs of 12 suppositories in 2 strengths for infants and children.

Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C, in dry place, away from heat.
I Keep out of reach of children I

produced by :

Global napi pharmaceuticals (GNP)

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