Digestin syrup digestant and appatiser


Digestin                                Digestant & Appatiser


Each 100 rnt. contains
Papam                             1.6 g
Pepsin                             0.8 g
Sanzyme ( 2000 )      0.2 g


Digestin Syrup IS a well-balanced combination of specific digestive enzymes
that effectively promote complete digestion of dietary proteins, carbohydrates,
fats and fibres. Diqeattn provides the body with papain and pepsin, the two pro-
teolytic enzymes, in addinon to sanzvrne 2000 which IS a multienzyme complex containing protease. amylase. uoase. cellulase and other effective enzymes. These enzymes act upon the contents of the gastrolnlestlnal tract and catalyze their conversion tnto simpler and easuv.d.qesttbte and absorbable components They bring to completion the hydrclysrs of proteins into peptones and small pepudes, starch mto cextuns and simpler sugars, fats into fatty acids and glycerol and cause the dramteqratton of cellulose mto absorbable matter
These properties collectively make Diqesttn the drug of choice when optimum
digestive process IS needed and In the cases of digestive enzyme deficiency
leading to protein. carbohydrate or lat Intolerance. Being an atcohot- free for-
mulation, DigestlO retains its lull enzvrnanc strength unchanged upon time. In
addition, the advantage that DigestlO does not contain alcohol makes It the
safest therapy for digestive troubles during pregnancy


– Functional indigestion tor all ages, and in pregnancy, due to digestive enzyme
deficiency or Imbalance, with such symptoms as dyspepsia. postprandial
discomfort, epiqastnc futJness and flatulence.
– Inadequate digestive secretory function due to a disease or surgery on the
stomach, small intestine or pancreas. as In chrome enteritis, gastritis, pan-
creatitis and pestgastrectomy syndrome
– Loss of appetite.
– Anorexia nervosa


Infants under one year: 8-15 drops 3 limes dally during or just after meals
Children: One teaspoonful 3 times daily during or Just after meals.
Adults: One tablespoonful 3 times daily dUring or Just after meals


Bottle of 120 ml


Keep in a cool place
keep out of the reach of children.



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