Folic Acid for megaloblastic anemia of pregnancy and lactation

folic acid

Folic Acid


Each Tablet Contains:
Folic acid 1 or 5 mg


– Folic acid is required for nucleoprotein synthesis and maintenance of normal erythropoiesis. Folic acid stimulates production of red and white blood cells
and platelets in certain megaloblastic anemia. It corrects only the anemia but does not prevent or alleviate the neurologicai deterioration that may accompany the disorder. Megaloblastic macrocytic anemias that are not accompanied by neurological disturbances generally respond well, Folic acid is
well absorbed orally with satisfactory results except in severe incidences of intestinal malabsorption.

Indications & Usage:

1- Megaloblastic anemia of pregnancy and lactation.
2- Folate deficiency due to : inadequate intake, malabsorption syndrome, excessive utilization & increased excretion or need as in sprue.
3- Macrocytic anemia not accompanied with neurological disturbances.
4- Requirement of Folic acid may be increased in Alcoholism, Cirrhosis, Hepatic disease, Hemolytic anemia, prolonged Diarrhea and use of oral
contraceptives or anticonvulsant therapy.
5- Megaloblastic anemia due to certain parasitic infestations (especially Diphyllobothrum latum.)


– Folic acid should not be given in pernicious anemia, since it corrects the hematologic manifestations and masks  pernicious anemia while allowing
neurologic damage to progress.

Side effects:

– No side effects have been reported with Fotic acid administration.
– Large doses of Folic acid may cause yellow discoloration of urine.

Drug interactions:

– Analgesics (long-term use), anticonvulsants, anti malaria Is, corticosteroids, antibiotics, ethotoin, phenytoin, methotrexate, oral contraceptives,
pyrimethamine, triamterene & trimethoprim.

Dosage and administration:

Give orally except in severe intestinal malabsorption.
Initial Therapy: 5-15 mg daily according to the case.
Maintenance Dose: 2-5 mg daily.
1-10 mg daily according to the case.


Boxes: 100 strips of 10 tablets
Boxes: 5 strips of 10 tablets

produced by :

the nile co . for pharmaceuticals and chemical industries

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