Four mix syrup food supplement

 Four mix syrup

Food supplement

Composition :

Each 120 ml contains:
Guava leaves extract                               6 ml
Tilia flower extract                                  6 ml

Fennel oil                                                  0.12 ml
Thymus leaves extract                            0.12 ml

Properties :

Four mix syrup contains a complete balanced formula of natural extracts which is very effective in treatment of cough and its manifestation . It acts as a muco – regulator and expectorant resulting in rapid relieve of respiratory distress especially in pregnant and children.

Indication :

Food supplement.

Dosage :

– Adults: one table spoonful 3 times daily.
– Children 🙁 1-2) tea spoonful 3 times daily.

Side effect :

No reported side effect.

Package :

Plastic bottle contains 120 rnl
– Store at temperature 30° C
– Keep out of reach of children.

manufactured by :

Pharma Cure

arab company for medical products (arabcomed)

فور مكس شراب مكمل غذائى