Haema caps Integrated formula to compensate deficiency of iron other minerals and vitamins

Haema caps

Integrated formula to compensate deficiency of iron other minerals and vitamins

Composition :

Each capsule contains:

ferrous fumarate                                            350 mg    Eq. 10 115 mg Fe elemental
Folic acid                                                         2 mg
vitamin B12                                                     7.5 mcg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine Hcl)                          15 mg.
Vitamin B2 {Riboflavin Phosphate)            2.75 mg    Eq. to 2 mg Riboflavin
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HcO                        10 mg
Calcium Ascorbate Dihydrate                      60mg.      Eq. 10 50 mg Ascorbic acid
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)                       400l.U.

Vitamin E (D-Alpha tocophery acetate)    5 mg

Calcium glucooate                                         75 mg

Manganese Chloride Tetrahydrate            9 mg          Eq. to 2.5 mg. Mn

Copper Sulphate Pent hydrate                   9.8 mg       Eq. to 2.5 mg. Copper
Safflower oil                                                   270mg       Eq. to 200 mg. linoleic acid
linseed oil                                                       90mg.        Eq.lo 45 mg. linolenic acid
Taurine                                                           15mg.

Inactive Ingredients :

lecithin, Soybcan oil, Hydrogenated Soybean oil, yellow Bees wax & Lactose Monohydrate

Pharmaceutical form :

Soft gelatin capsule

Dosage and ndmini.striilion :

one capsule daily , preferably after meals. The dose could be doubled in severe iron deficiency anemia.

Clinical pharmacology:

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) : Thiamine (as the coenzyme thiamine yrophos hate) is associated with carbohydrate metabolism, Thiamine pyrophos~halc also acts as a co – enzyme in the direct oxidalive pathway. of glucose metabolism In thiamine deficiency, pyruvic and lactic acids accmulate in the tissues the pyruvate ion is in the biosynthesis of acetylcholine via its conversion to acetyl co-enzyme A, through athiamine dependent process in thimine deficiency therefore there are effects on the central nervous system due either to the effect on acetylcholine synthesis or. to th.e lactatee and pyruvate accumulation, Deficiency of thramine results in 1atlgue, anorexia, gastro-Intesltnatdisturbances, tachycardia, Irritabilily end neuroiogcal symptoms. gross deficiency of thiamine land other Vjtamm B group factor) leads to thecondition beri-beri.
Vitamin B2  (Ribonavine) : Ribflavine is phosphorylated to flavine mononucleotide and flavine adenine dinudeotidc which act as co-enzymes
in the repiratory chain and in oxidative phosphorylahon. Riboflavine deficiency presents with ocular symptoms as well as lesions on the lips and at angles of the mouth

Vitamin B6 (pydoxine) : Pyridoxine, once absorbed, is rapidly converted to the co-enzymes pyridoxal phosphate and pyridoxamine phosphate which play an essential rote in protein metabolism. Corwctsons and hypochromic anaemia have occurred in Infants deficient in pyridoxine

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) : Vitamin B12 is present in the body mainly as methylcobalamin and as adeoosylcobalamin and hydroxocobala-min.These act as co-enzymes In the trans methylation Of homocysteine to methionine in the isomerisation of methylmalonyl co enzyme to succinyl co enzymes and with folate in several metabolic pathways respectively
Vitamin C : Vitamin 0 feontates absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus protects egamst muscle, weakness, and is important in

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) : vitamin C cannot be synthesized by man therefore adietary  source is necessary. it acts as a cofactor in numerous biological processes induding the hydroxation of proline to hydroxyproline. In deficiency the formation of collagen is therefore impaired Ascorbic acid IS Important in the hydroxylalion of dopamine to noradrenaline and in hydroxylation occurring In srcod SynthesiS in the adrcuals. Is to reducmg agentn tyrosine metabolism and by acting as an electron donor In the conversion of folic  acid to tetrahydrofolic acid scurvy. Features rooUdc swollen inflamed gums, petechial haemoiThrgcs and subcutaneous bn.lIs.ing. The deficiency of collagen leads 10 Le Vitamrn Cs role In rron metabolism
Vitamin D : Vitamin d facilitates absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus protects egaeet muscle, weakness, and is important in prevention and treatments of osteoporosis

Vitamin E : Vitamin e deficiency has been linked to disorders such as cystic fibrosis “here fat absorpbon is impaired. it is essential tor the normal function of the muscular system and the blood
Calcium : calcium is an essential body electrolyte it is involved in the mamtenance of normal muscle and nerve function and essential for normal cardiac runclioo and the dolting of blood Calcium is mamly round in the bones and teeth. Oeficiency of calcium leads to rickets,osteomalaoa In chikiren and osIeoporoSis m the elderly.
Copper : Traces of copper are essenhal to the body as constrtuents of enzyme systems Involved If1 o.odabon reactions.
Manganese :Manganese is aconstituent of enzyme system including those involved in lipid synthesis  the tricarboxylic acid cycle and purine and pyrimidine metabolism Taurine : Taurine is an amino acid involved in bile formation Ihe liver converts bile acids into bile salts by conjugabon with Taurine. it helps also in absorotion of fat soluble vitamins


– As a multivitamin and multi-mineral formula to be used during female adolescence, child bearing age & breastieedmg.
– As a  multivitamin, Iron and rnultr-minceat formula 10 be used iricascs of mcreased demand of iron e.g. during pregnancy, lactation and puberty
– As a therapeutic nutritional adjuvant where the Intake of vitamins and minerals is suboptimal
– As a therapeutic nutritional adjuvant in conditions where theobsorption of vitamins and minerals  is suboptimal
– As a therapeutic nutritional :djuvant in convalescence from surgery, e.g. where nutritional intake continues to be inadequate.
– As a therapeutic nutritional adjuvant for patients on special or restricted diets, e,g. in renal diets and where several food groups are restricted in therapeutic weight reducing diets
– As an  adjuvant in synthetic dites eg in phenylketonuria. galactosaemia and ketogenic diets

Contraindications :

– Hypersensitivity to active substances or to excipients

– Hacmochromatosis and other iron storage disorders

Precautions and warnings :

– while taking haema caps both protein and energy are also required to provide complete nutrition in the daily dite no othet vitamins minerals or supplements with or without vitamins ashould be taken with this preparation except under medical supervision do not exceed the staled dose if symptoms persist consult your doctor

Drug interactions :

– folic acid can reduce the plasma concentration of phenytoin

– Oral iron, Calcium and Zinc sulphate reduce the absorption of tetraqdines.

Pregnancy & lactation :

Haema-Caps may he adminislered during lactation at the recommendation of the physician. Not to be used during the first trimester 0f pregnancy

Side effects :

no  undesirable effects due to Haema-Caps haoe been reported and none can be exp«ted if the dosage schedule is adhered to.

Overdose :
No cases 0( oeerdosegc due 10 Haema-Caps have been reported.any symptoms which may be observed due 10 ingestion of large quantitiesor Hacma-Caps will be due to the fat soluble vitamin content if Iron overdosege is suspeded symptoms may incldude nausea, vomllrng.hypotenstOrl coma and hepatocellular necrosis and renal failure.The fo8owing steps are recommended 10 minimise or prevent further absorption of the medication:
1. Administer an emetic
2. Gastnc lavage may be necessary to remove drug already released into the stomach. This should be undertaken using desferrioxamine solution 2g/l
3- a drink of mannitol or sorbitol should be giver:! 10 induce small bowel emptying.


Strips of 7 capsules in packs of 2 or 4 strips

Storage :

Store et temperature not exceedin 25 “C

Keep all medicaments out of reach of children

Manufactured By :

H-Obour City, Cairo, Egypt.

هيما كابس تركيبة متكاملة لتعويض نقص الحديد والمعادن والفيتامينات الاخرى