Halorange syrup food supplement


Halorange syrup

Halibut liver oil with natural orange syrup
Rich source of vit. A, D3, C, unsaturated fatty acids & antioxidant


Each 5 ml contains:
– Cod liver oil (Halibut) 75 mg
contains Vit. A & D3
– Vitamin C     52 mg


Halorange is delicious orange syrup contains Halibut – liver oil with vit. A&D3
& essential Fatty acid and antioxidants with natural orange taste which Masks the
unacceptable taste of Halibut liver oil and rich with Vit C. The balanced formula
helps the body to maintain the vital function and prevents unbalance metabolism.
Finally it considers as a good essential food factor.
* Vit A. is essential for growth of children and enhances mucous membranes
function and regeneration also it maintains the healthy of skin and hair.
* Vit D3 is essential for regulation of calcium and phosphorus metabolism
and it improves the immune system activity.
* Vit C is essential for formation of connective tissue-and R.B.Cs .
* Antioxidants maintain the vitality, improve immunity.


Food supplement.


– Infant below 6 months 112 teaspoonful (2.5 ml) daily.
– Children over 6 months 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) daily.
– Adult 2 teaspoonful daily.

 Manufactured By :

Arab Drug Co.  For Tetrapharm Co. Cairo – A.R.E

هالورانج شراب مكمل غذائى