Itrapex for vulvovaginal candidosis and fungal keratitis and oral candidosis

Itrapex for vulvovaginal candidosis and fungal keratitis and oral candidosis 3066562 3066 Itrapex for vulvovaginal candidosis and fungal keratitis and oral candidosis Itrapex for vulvovaginal candidosis and fungal keratitis and oral candidosis
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Itrapex Capsules
Oral broad-Spectrum antifungal agent

Composition :

Each capsule contains: 100 mg Itraconazole

Pharmacology :

Itraconazole, a triazole derivative, has broad spectrum antifungal activities against infections with various fungi and yeast. In vitro,
Itraconazole inhibits the cytochrome P-450 synthesis of ergosterol which is a vital component for fungal cell membrane.
Peak plasma levels are reached 3-4 hours after an oral dose with terminal half- life of 1-1.5 days. The plasma protein binding is 99.8%
Concentrations of Itraconazole in blood are 60% of those in plasma. Uptake in keratinous tissues, especially the skin is up to 4 times higher than in plasma and therapeutic levels in the skin persist for 2-4 weeks after discontinuation of a-4 week treatment course. Itraconazole is also present in sebum and to a less extent in sweat. Concentrations in lung, kidneys, spleen, liver, stomach, bone and muscles are 2-3 times higher than the corresponding plasma
concentration. Therapeutic levels in vaginal tissue are maintained for another 3-days after discontinuation of a 1 – day course with 200 mg b.i.d, and for another 2 days after discontinuation of a 3-days course with 200 mg daily.

Indications :

– Gynaecological indications : Vulvovaginal candidosis.                          – Dermatological indications : Pityriasis versicolor, Dermatomycosis & Onychomycosis
– Ophthalmological indications: fungal Keratitis.
– Blastomycosis: pulmonary and extrapulmonary.
– Oral candidosis.

Dosage and Administration :

For optimal results, it is essential to swallow itrapex capsule immediately after a full meal.

Gynaecological Indications :

200 mg b.i.d for 1 day or 200 mg o.d. for 3 days.

Dermatological indications :

-Pityriasis versicolor: 200 mg o.d. for 7 days
-Dermatomycosis: 100 mg o.d. for 15 days In hyperkeratinous regions e.g. T.pedis (Plianter or Palmer) might require an additional treatment of 15 days at 100 mg daily.

Fungal Keratitis :

200 mg o.d. for 21 days.

Oral Candidosis :

100 mg o.d. for 15 days.
In some immunocompromised patients e.g. in organ transplant, the dose may need doubling. Optimal clinical and mycological response is
reached 2-4 weeks after the cessation of treatment in skin infections.

Contraindications :

– Itrapex is contraindicated in patients who have known hypersensitivity to the drug or its excipients.
– During pregnancy.

Warnings :

– it is advisable to monitor liver function in patients receiving Itraconazole continuously for more than one month.
– In patients with raised liver enzymes ,treatment should not be started unless the potential benefits exceed the potential risks
– If neuropathy occurs during ltraconazole therapy,
the treatment should be stopped
– It is preferable to swallow Itraconazole with any cola drink in patients using acid reducing drugs, and patients using antacids containing alum. hydroxide should take it at least 2 hours after the intake of Itraconazole.
– It is not advisable to be used in children.

Side Effects :

– Dyspepsia ,nausea and constipation.
– Less commonly: headache, irregular menstruation, pruritis and urticaria.
– In case of Itraconazole treatment for more than one month, rare cases of hypokalemia may occur.

Interactions :

Itrapex may interact with:
rifampicin, phenytoin, terfenadine, astemizole, cisapride, midazolam,triazolam,anticoagulants, digoxin, cyclosporin A, dihydropyridine and quinidine.

How supplied :

Capsule 100 mg Itraconazole :
Packs of 4 capsules.
Packs of 15 capsules.
I Keep medicines out of reach of children

Manufactured by :

S.A.E” Badr City-Cairo, Egypt

اترابكس عقار مضاد للفطريات واسع المدى لعلاج كانديدا المهبل و الفم و حالات العدوى الفطرية فى الجلد

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