Lignocaine spray for surface anaesthesia


Lignocaine SPRAY
Lidocaine 10% ( 10 mg / dose )
For Surface anaesthesia


Lidocaine 10%


Lignocaine Spray is intended for mucous membrane and provides a prompt and efficient surface anaesthesia


In dental practice: Surface anaesthesia e.g. before injections, dental impressions (especially copperband impression ), X – ray photography, removal of calculus, … ect, In otorhinolaryngology: Surface anaesthesia for e.g. puncture of the maxillary sinus and procedures in the nasal cavity, pharynx and epipharynx paracentesis. In obstetrics: During the final stages of delivery and before episiotomy and perineal suturing as supplementary pain control.

• Contra indications:

Previously known hypersensitivity to local anaesthetic of amide type.


Absorption from wound surfaces and mucous membranes is relatively high, especially in the bronchial tree. To avoid toxic reactions the lowest dosage providing adequate analgesia should be used. If a toxic reaction should occur, treatment is recommended as for injection solutions.

Side effects:

In rare cases local anaesthetic preparations have been associated
with allergic reactions (in the most severe instances anaphylactic shock).


– In dental practice: 1-5 applications on to the mucous membranes. Onset time is 1-2 minutes.
– Puncture of the maxillary sinus: 3 applications. Onset time is at least 2-3 minutes.
– During delivery: up to 20 applications (200 mg Lidocaine).

Recommended maximum dosage:

– In adults: (70 kg body weight) 200 mg = 20 sprays with the metering valve of the spray bottle.
– Debilitated, elderly, and acutely ill patients and children: Should be given reduced doses according to age and physical status.


55 gm spray and 15 ml.

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Product of: Arab Perfumes & Chemicals Co.

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