Magic oil for stops hair falling and nourishes and strengthens the slight hair

Magec oil

Magic oil

-Stops hair falling
Nourishes & strengthens the slight hair
-Controls split ends – hair damage


Magic contains a group of active natural Components which stops hair falling,Nourishes & strengthens hair due to the effective natural formula of Magic as : Vitamins as vitamin ( A-< J3 , E_& C) .Fatty acids <le: !eic,Lino!eic & Palmitic, group of Minerals as phosphorous, zinc & Selenium ,Sulfur containing amino acids as methionine & cysteine. Also Antioxidants which act by tamming the excess free radicals to maintain hair follicles, hair shaft & scalp healthy.


– Magic contains a group of natural effective components which is essential for healthy hair It is indeed a magic formula that deals with hair in cases of hair falling. It is easy to use ,effective ,contains no preservatives & contains no colouring

– Magic contains antioxidants which act by tamming the excess free radicals to maintain hair follicles, hair shaft & scalp healthy.

– Magic form a protective coat on hair ,reducing the brittleness of damaged hair in dry & wet weather.

– Magic protects skin & hair against U.V damage& other environmental pollutants
– Magic alleviates roughness of hair & scalp
– Magic does not interfere with necessary skin functions, allowing the skin to breath and shed
– Magic does not cause any inflammation or al!ergy to skin ..
– Magic is the fruitage of ancient traditional medicine & recent scientific researches.


Magic is used in cases of:
1-Hair fall due to various causes
2-Hair damage & split ends
3- Non inherited alopecia.
4- Roughness of hair & scalp.

Side Effects :

No side effects has been reported


A suitable amount of-  Magic is to be applied onto scalp and hair ,rubbed gently for 2 minutes once daily.
– Magic should be used for at least 3 – 4 months. An oil bath should be done once a week.


Magic Oil Bottles of 60 ml, 120 ml, & 180 ml
Magic Cream 100 gm.

Produced by :

pharma cure

زيت ماجيك يمنع تساقط الشعر وتقصفة وتشقق أطرافة وخشونة الشعر

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