Marvit dietary supplement

Marvit soft gelatin capsules

dietary supplement

Composition :

each soft gelatin capsules contains :

vit A palmitate   5000 i.u                                                                             vit C asscorbic acid  200 mg                                                                      vit E d tocopherol   30 mg                                                                       vit B1        12 mg                                                                                        vit B2 riboflavin     12 mg                                                                          vit B6 pyridoxine hcl    15 mg                                                                   vit B12 cyanocobalamin    20 mcg                                                           niacinamide    60 mg                                                                                 folic acid            500 mg                                                                             ca d pantothenate     30 mg                                                                      biotin       200 mg                                                                                      iron ferrous fumarate    9 mg                                                                    mg sulphate dried     50 mg                                                                      Zinc      15 mg                                                                                             selenium    70 mcg                                                                                       royal jelly lyophilized  3.3 mg                                                                   ginseng   40 mg

indications :

dietary supplement

Storage :

store at temperature not exceeding 30 c                                               keep out of reach of children

package :

each box contains 2 strips each of 7 tablets

produced by :

marcyrl pharmaceutical industries

el obour city egypt

مارفيت مكمل غذائى

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