Myofen for muscle relaxant and analqesic and nsaid


Hard gelatin cepsules
Muscle Relaxant & Analqesic & NSAID


Each capsule contains :
Active Ingredients: Chlorzoxazone 250mg -Ibuproten 200 mg
Inactive ingredients :hydroxypropyl cellulose – sodiume docusate – sodium lauryl sulphate – Purified Tale – Mg Stearate


Muscle relaxant, enalqesic & NSAtD


Pain and cramping of skeletal muscles in cases 01 sprains and dislocations, muscle aches, stiff neck, tension headaches, traumatic muscle injury, back pawl, spoodyI arthrins cervical syndrome.


Pharmacological Action: Chlorzoxazone is a centrally acting muscle relaxant Its major site 01 actIOn IS the spinal cord and subcortical areas of the brain to inhibit mechanisms respOnsible tor excessive muscle tone. lboproten is a non steroidal anti- Inllammatory agent. a propiOnic acid derivative that acts by
Inllammation associated With a significant reduction 01 gastrolntestinal side effects. For patients who have shown gastrointestinal side effects with aspirin, ibuproten showed better tolerance. but should be controlled carefully. Also clinical studies have also demonstrated the analgeSIC and antJpyrebc effect 01
ibuprolen. Pharmacokinetics: ctaorzoxazooe is complelely absorbed after oral admlniG.tration. it is metabolized in the liver, ItS half life is 1.1 hour and eilmlnation is predominantly via the kldney. Ibuprolen is rapidly absorbed after oral administration. The peak plasma levels are reached 1 10 2 hours after dosing and tl”le concentrations do not change With tasting. Meals may slightly
decrease the blOava~ablllty 01 ibuprofen when grvefl immediately alter meals. Antacids do not alter the absorption 01 ibuprolen. The natt-hfa ctrbuproten is 1.8 to 2.0 hours, it is rapidly metabolized and e)(creted If! unne (l% as unchanged ibuprolen and 14% as COf’jugated ibuprolen).


1 t0 2 capsules three times dalty after meals according to seventy 01 the case


Hyoersensnivity 10 any of the components of the product In patients With a hlStory 01 hypersensrtlVrly reactoes (bronchospasm)mduced by asptoo or
other NSAIOs.


It is ecveeme rot \0 administer ibuprofen 10 patients With aslhma or nasal polYPOSIS syndrome. Although ItS antiplatelel effect is smaller than that 01 aspirin, It should be used  Ith caution ‘” penents with cloning abnormalities or under antcoaqutanon thesapy


The effect of Myolen during pregnancy has not been adequately studied. TDisdrug ‘!!i!Y ~arin breast milkand could affect a nursing infant. It should be used during pregnancy or breaslleedlng only under medical supervision. Pregnancy


Oral anticoagulants and heparin may increase the risk 01 bleeding. Myolen contains chlorzo)(azone therefore it Should not be admInistered With alcohol.
antidepressants. anllhistamines, narcotics, oeorciecuce. or sedatives as lt may enhance the depressant effects 01 these drugs.


The most common are gaslrointeSllnal. occeecoee nausea, epigastric pain. heartburn. dsarrhea. vornll!ng. indigestion. ccesupenco. flatulence. Rare: pephc ulcer. intestinal bleeding. oencreauns. meieoa. gastritis. reoauus.
jaundice. abnormal liver toncnon tests.


In acute cvercese. It IS advisable to emply ee slomach by IndUCIng vomJllng or by gastne: lavage. The admrnlstrallon 01 activated charcoal may decrease acsomrcn 01 the drug. Because rt IS an acidic drug maus excreted in unne, the
admlnlstrahon of al'<allS and indUCing diuresis is recommended In the event 01 an overdose. 11 IS recommended to attend tne nearest hospital or contact the poison centre


Store at a temperature nol e)(ceedlng 30°C Keep out of reach of children.


Carton 00)( containing one or two bhsters each of 10 capsules.

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