Oxelacure for treatment of unproductive cough bothersome



Each 5 ml contains:
Active ingredients: Oxeladine citrate 10 mg.
Inactive ingredients : Methyl parahydroxy benzoate, propyl parahydroxy benzoate, Sun set yellow, erythrosine, cocoa flavour. sucrose, purified water.

Pharmaceutical Form:

Oral syrup.


Antitussive (R:respiratory system). Central antitussive but not opioid (doesn’t cause respi- ratory depression nor decrease GIT motility) non antihistamine (non sedating).


There is a few data on the phannacokinetics of Oxelacure.


Symptomatic treatment of unproductive cough bothersome.


• Oxelacure used for adult and children above 30 month (2.5 years) and their weight more than 15 kg.
• Symptomatic treatment should be short (several days) and limited to times when the cough occurs.
• Children 15 to 20 kg (30 months to 6 years) : 2.5 ml. per dose, repeated after 4hours if necessary without exceeding 3 or 4 times dally depending on weight.
• Children 20 to 30 kg (or 6 years to 10 years) : 5 ml. per dose, repeated after 4 hours if necessary without exceeding 2 to 3 times daily depending on weight.
• Children 30 to 50 kg (10 to 15 years) : 5 ml. per dose, repeated after 4 hours if neces- sary without exceeding 3 to 5 times daily depending on weight.
* Adults: 5 ml. per dose, to renew after 4 hours if necessary without exceeding 5 times daily.


If making massive, it is advisable to hospitalize the subject and closely monitor his respira- tory function and cardiovascular.
There is no known antidote.

Contraindications : ى

_ This medicament is not recommended in case of allergy to any component of the drug and sunset yellow.
_ This medicine should not be administered to children less than 30 months as there is on clinical data supporting the efficacy and safety in this age group

Adverse reaction:

Hypersensitivity reaction have been reported (urticatia,  rash , angioedema).


–  The productive cough which is a fundamental element of the defense, bronchopulmonairy should be observed.
–  It is illogical to associate a mucolytic expectorant or other cough suppressant with Oxelacure.
–  Before prescribing treatment cough, it should investigate the causes of cough that require specific treatment.
–  If the cough is resistant to a cough suppressant administered to a usual dose, you should not R,roceed to higher doses without revising your doctor or pharmacist.


– In cases of diabetes or low-carb diet, patients must take in their consideration that Oxelacure syrup contains sucrose.
–  Oxelacure syrup contains sucrose, if you have an intolerance to some sugars, ask your physician before use.
–  Oxeiacure syrup contains sucrose, so it may be harmful to the teeth.

Pregnancy and lactation:

– There is not relevant study of teratogenicity in animals .
–  Clinically, no malformation or fetotoxic effect has occurred date. However, the monitoring of pregnancies exposed to oxeladine citrate is insufficient to exclude any risk.
– Accordingly, as a precaution, it is preferable not to use this medication during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding :

– In the absence of the transition in breast milk, it is preferable not to use this drug in nursing women.


Store at temperature not exceeding 300 C.


Carton box containing 135 ml. amber glass bottle (type 1lI) containing 125 ml. solution with aluminium closure printed with ADCO and insert leaflet.

Shelf life:

Do not use later than expiry date printed on the box.

Manufactured by :

The Arab Drug Company For Pharmaceuticals and Chemical
Industries (ADCO), Cairo, A.R E

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