Pain killer for sedative of pain and antiinflammatory

Pain killer

Components :

ostrich lipid

Indication and usage :

– Sedative of Pain and antiinflammatory.
– In massage and it has strong effect.
– Mitigate the arthritis pain.
– Remove the pain of the backbone.
– Remove the gout and the varicose veins and Sciatica.                         – Remove the coughnees of the knees and helps to get rid of the pain permanently

Way of usage :

Put the Cream on the place oftl1e pain and start to do massage until the skin absorball the Cream then wrap the place of the pai h a piece of wool and Countinue to use the cream up to 10 Days and Stop g it if the patient get well

Warnings :

– do not put the cteam on the wound                                                           – use the cream for virtual only

Produced by :

Amoola compone country of origin pakistan