Pan D lotion for soothing and anti pruritic

pan -D

Pan – D
Soothing & anti pruritic


Each 100 ml contain:
Zinc oxid               10 gm
Camphor              0.1 gm
Menthol               0.2 gm
Glycerol                10 gm


Pan-D is lotion for local application effective for Wide variety of skin disorder
Has astringent. Protective & soothing effect .
Menthol &Camphor:
Are topical antipruritic & anti infective agent when applied externally they dilate the skin blood vessels causing soothing and anti pruritic effect .
which is an emollient and humectant that help to maintain the skin moist


Pan-D lotion is applied externally in case of :
1- Inflammatory skin reaction
2- Redness and roughness
3- Mild sun burn
4- Sweat rash
5- Skin irritation associated with insect bites

Caution :-

– For external use only.
– To be applied to the intact skin.
– It should be kept away eyes and mucous membrane.

Side effect: –

Rare hypersensitivity reaction

Dosage and application:

– Shake well before use.
– A thin layer is to be applied to the skin with gentle rubbing twice daily.

Package :-

Bottles of 120ml .

Storage: –

-Keep the bottle tightly closed at a temperature not
exceeding 30 DC.
– Keep out of reach of children.

produced by :

pharma cure

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