Para plus treatment of head lice and nits

Para plus

Indication :

Treatment of head lice and nits.
Due to its formula combining two agents active against lice and nits (Permethrin and Malathion), PARA Plus is a particu larly enecnve treatment with a very rapid action against Hce and nits, and is parti-
cularly active against the development of resistant strains of lice.

Contra-indication :

Do not to use on children under the age of 30 months.
Never use to treat asthmatic people.

Instructions :

– Spray PARA Plus by short puffs, the extremity of the tube kept at 3 cm from the hair, to the base andinto the thick- ness of the hair, ensuring even distribution of the lotion throughout the hair.
Under normal conditions of use, one bottle is sufficient to treat several people.
– An increase of the Quantities applied would not improve the activity or the action of the product.
– If applied on the skin (neck, shoulder) wash and rinse abundently.
– Use this product in a well aereted room.
– Do not spray towaros t:,e eyes, the nose, or the mouth.
– Allow to act for 10 minutes without covering the head with a bonnet or towel, then wash the hair abundantly with a mild shampoo.
– Even when dead, nits remain solidly attached to the hair. The combined action of a nit detaching balm and a fine comb facilitates their elimination.
– Spray the lotion onto all textile articles likely to be contaminated (pillows, bonnets, collars, etc.) to prevent reinfestation by
the environment.

Recommendations :

In the absence of possible reinfestation, a single treatment is sufficient, under normal conditions of use. However, it is a wise precaution, in the case of intense infestation, to repeat treatment one week later. It is also recommended to simul- taneously treat the affected subject’s family (brothers and sisters) to limit the
risk of family epidemic.