Prisoline zinc for decongestant ,antiallergic , astringent and antiseptic

prisoline zinc
Prisoline zinc for decongestant ,antiallergic , astringent and antiseptic 1667562 1667 Prisoline zinc for decongestant ,antiallergic , astringent and antiseptic Prisoline zinc for decongestant ,antiallergic , astringent and antiseptic
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Decongestant· Antiallergic – Astringent and Antiseptic


Each lOO ml contains :
Naphazoline Hydrochloride                      50 mg
ChIorpheniramine Maleate                       50 mg
Zinc Sulphate                                                250 mg
In Isolonlc Buffered Solution.

Properties :

PRISOLINE ZINC Eye Drops has a vasoconstrictor, antihistamink. astringent and antiseptic actions. The vasoconstrictor action is due 10 Its conlenl or Napha.ollne Hydrochloride, the highly errtellve decongestanl, Ihal has a rapid and prolonged errecl. Chlorpheniramlne Maleate, present in PRISOLlNE ZINC, is a potenl antihistamine and itls of greal value in Irealmenl of allergic manifestations of Ihe eye, while Zinc Sulphate has an aslrlngenl and antlsepllc actions.


– Acute and chronic conjunctivitis, partiCUlarly the angular type.
– Spring catarrh and allergic conjunctivitis.
– Trachoma
– Acute and chrooic blepharitis.
– Excessive lacrimation.
– Adjuvant In trratment of eye IDfections.

Side effects:

Uncommon, but may occur in some patients in tbe form of :
– Mild and transienl stinging.
– Rarely blurred vlsioD.
– Occasionally dlulnesa (wllh excessive dosage andlor prolonged use).

Contraindications :

– Hypersensitivity 10 any or lb. components.
– Narrow anale glaucoma.

Precautions :

Owlnllo some systemic absorplloD of lopically applied Naphazolin. Hydrochloride, PRISOLlNE ZINC should be used cautiously ID the presence or the rollowlng conditions:
– Hypertension.
– Cardiovascular disease.
– Diabetes mellilus.
– Hyperthyroidism.

Use in infants and children:

Not recommended.


1·2 drops In Ihe eye 1·4 limes dally or as directed by Ihe physician.


To be used only under medical supervision.


Plastic dropper bottles of 10 ml & IS ml


Store al 25″ C

Produced by :

Cairo • Egypt

بريزولين زنك مزيلة للأحتقان ومضادة للحساسية وذات تأثير قابض ومطهر

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