Rehydro zinc for all types of dehydration from diarrhea of any etiology

Rehydro zinc



Each liter contains:
Ions                          mmollliter of water
Sodium                              70                                                                                                            potassium                          20
Chloride                            60
Citrates                              10
Glucose                              70
Zinc                                    0.26


Rehydro-zinc is an effective mixture for oral rehydration. Rehydro-zinc is effective
for all cases of acute dehydration regardless of the etiologies or age of the patients,
is used for prevention and correction of dehydration. Rehydro-zinc is a true advance
in rehydration therapy, and it’s formula contains less sodium w~ less risk for production of hypematraemia .The presence of zinc in this formula reduces stool output by accelarating water and salt absorption in the intestine. It helps as well in the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.

Indications & Usage:

1 – All types of dehydration from diarrhea of any etiology.
2 – Persistant diarrhea.

Contra – Indications:

– Gastro-intestinal obstruction.
– Oliguric or anuric renal failure ( severe renal impainnent ) .
– In severe dehydration ( 10 % or more ), intractable vomiting, where parenteral
rehydration solution is indicated.

Side Effects:

– Vomiting can occur after administration of oral rehydration solution, and may be
an indication that it was administrated too quickly. If vomiting occurs, administration
should be halted for 10 minutes then resumed in smaller, and more frequent amounts.
– Overdosage of oral rehydration solution in patients with renal failure, may lead to
hypematraemia, and hyperkalaemia.
– Prolonged administration of high doses, lead to copper deficiency with associated
anaemia and neutropenia.


– Citrate salts taken orally can enhance the absorption of aluminium from gastrointestinal tract .
– As Antimuscarinics delay gastric emptying and consequenUy may increase the risk
of gastrointestinal adverse effects in patients receiving oral forms of potassium.
– The absorption of zinc may be reduced by iron supplement and tetracyclines.
– Zinc reduces the absorption of copper and fluoroquinolones.

Warnings & Precautions:

– Oral rehydration solution should be reconstituted only with fresh water and at the
volume stated, but freshly boiled and cool water is preferred when the solution is
used for infants, and other ingredients such as sugar should not be added .
– Unused solution should be stored in a refrigerator and discarded within 24 hours
of preparation .
– Oral rehydration solution should be given with extreme caution to patients with
cardiac diseases, acute dehydration, and with renal insufficiency.

Dosage & Administration:

Dissolve the content of one sachet in 200 ml. of water
1- For prevention of dehydration: Give 50 ml solution per stool motion.
2- For treatment of dehydration: Give the solution to the child to drink as much as he or she can and continue breast feeding or normal feed.


Boxes of 10 sachets.


Store below 30· C, and R.H. below 70 %

Produced by:

Chemical Industries Devetopment (CID) – Glza – A.R.E.

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