Reparil gel n an anti swelling anti inflammatory and pain relieving aescin gel

reparil gel n

Reparil – Gel N
An anti-swelling, anti- inflammatory
and pain-relieving aescin gel.


Each 100 g gel contains:
Aescin                                           1 g.
Diethylamine salicylate         5 g.

Indications :

– In cases of contusions, crush injuries, sprains .bruises, haematoma and tenosynovitis.
– Painful conditions of the vertebral column (disc lesions, neck pain, lumbago, sciatica).
– In superficial thrombophlebitis ,varicose veins ,for care of
– the veins after injections or infusions.

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to any of the drug components. Reparil-Gel N should not be applied to eyes, broken skin, mucous membranes or skin areas exposed to radiotherapy.

Side effects :

Allergic skin manifestation may occur which require stop treatment.

Dosage recommendation and mode of application:

Unless otherwise directed-spread a thin layer of the gel onto the skin of the affected areas once daily or more frequently with very little massaging. Duration of treatment:– Reparil-Gel N can be used, even over a longer period, until the comprams ease off.


– Reparil-Gel N is a special formulation in an alcohol base with a threefold action: anti-oedematous, anti- inflammatory and pain- relieving
– Aesdn, in a form which penetrates the skin, inhibits the accumulation of fluid in the tissues and reduces tissue swelling. Local swelling, which causes sensations of heaviness and tension, is rapidly eliminated. It effectively combats inflammatory process.
– The salicylic acid compound enhances the anti-inflammatory action and is extrernley effective for relieving deep-seated pain
– In addition, Reparil-Gel N has the following advantages:

* Reparil-Gel N is transparent and penetrates rapidly and com- pletel y into the affected tissues.
* Reparil-Gel N does not make the skin greasy, does not smear nd is-therefore-pasticularly clean and pleasant to use
* Reparil-Gel N cools the painful area, protects the skin and is outstandingly well tolerated even on sensitive parts of the skin.

Presentation and Pack size :

– Manufacturer’s packs of 40 g
– Keep medicines out of reach of children.
– The medicine should no longer be used after the expiry date.


GIZA -A .R. E.- G. C. R 19717
Under Licence of Madaus GmbH . Germany

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