Rhinopro nasal decongestant for oral use with sustained action

rhino pro

Nasal decongestant for oral use with sustained action


1 capsule conta lns :
Phenylephrine hydrochloride                  20mg.
Carbinoxamine maleate                              4mg.
1009 syrup contain:
Pseudoephedrine Hcl                                   540 mg.
Carbinoxamine                                               24mg.
bonded to an ion exchanger


Rhinopro is a new and effective approach for treating cold. J/1e repeated administration of nasal drops is unnecessary when Rhinopro is taken in the moming and evening; Rhinopro ensures relief from the strenuous side effects of cold such as increased nasal secretion, tumefaction on the mucous tissues
of nose and sinuses, impairment of  respiration, burning sensation of the eyes and headache. When taken orally, phenylephrine or pseudoephedrine have a decongesting effect. Carbinoxamine is a highly effective antihistamine and antiallergic agent which reduces the increased mucous secretion and eliminates
the causes of allergic symptoms at the mucous tissues. The depot form of the drug ensures a long persistent effect so that the administration of Rhlnopro every morning and evening is sufficient.


Coryza and sinus troubles in all kinds of colds and hay fever.


Rhlnopro Capsules:
Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, take 1 capsule every morning and evening, unchewed with some liquid.
Rhlnopro capsules can be administered from the age of 12, children of less than 12 and grownups suffering from difficulties in swallowing capsules take Rhlnopro syrup morning and evening.
Rhlnopro Syrup:
Children from 6 to 12 years: 2 teaspoonful morning and evening. Not to be used for children under 6 years old.


Occasional side effects may be dry mouth and in some cases the blood pressure or the pulse rate may be influenced. Should these side effects turn out to be more severe, a physician should be consulted.


– Patients suffering from hypertension, hyperthyroidism, severe renal dysfunction or glaucoma should not take Rhlnopro capsules unless prescribed by the physician. Patienls suffering from hypertension or hyperthyroidism, or patients under digitalis therapy should not take Rhlnopro syrup unless prescribed by the physician. This also applies for long-term administration (more than 2-3 weeks) as well as for use during pregnancy.


Occasional tiredness may occur, this should be taken into account by drivers. Rhlnopro syrup thickens when left standing for some time (the so-called thixotropic effect). This is quite normal and guarantees the uniform distribution of the active ingredients. When shaken’ before administralion, Rhlnopro syrup becomes liquid enough to allow for exact and simple dosage.


Capsules and Syrup
Do not store above 30°C


– Medicament is a product which affects your health, and its consumptio contrary to instructions is dangerous for you.
– follow strictly the doctors  prescription, the method of use and theinstructions of the pharmacist who
– The doctor and the pharmacist are experts in medicine, its benefits and risks.
– Do not by yourself interrupt the period of treatment prescribed for you.
– Do not repeal the same prescription without cooSlUting your doctor.
– Keep all meaic;ne. out at the reach of children.

Manufactured by:

October Pharma S.A.E.-6 October City – Egypt

رينو برو لعلاج الزكام وإحتقان الجيوب الأنفية ذو تأثير ممتد المفعول