Rowatinex for the treatment prevention of urolithiasis nephrolithiasis and other urinary tract disorders


For the Treatment & Prevention of Ur-Olithiasis, Nephrolithiasis & Other Urinary Tract Disorders

Composition :

Each Capsule contains;
Alpha Pinene     24.8 mg                   Beta Pinene    6.2 mg
Camphene          15 mg                       Borneol           10 mg
Anethol               4 mg                         Fenchone       4 mg
Cineol                 3 mg                        Olive Oil q.s. add to 100 mg

Properties :

The therapeutic effect of ROWAnNEX® in urinary tract disorders is due to its appropriate balanced combination of different components. In renal and urinary tract disorders an obvious rapid
improvement is achieved, leading to elimination of the complaints through:
Improving the renal blood flow, thus stimulating the kidneys and-giving-rise-te-inereesed urine-excretioe: elimination of stasis; prevention of urinary tract infections resulting from stasis; an increase of the protective colloids in the urine which effectively
prevents stone formation and inflammations; and relieving the inflammation of urinary tract and disorders associated with urolithiasis which usually improve within a very short time.
A regular daily administration of ROWATINEX® reduces the frequency of renal colic and the attacks eventually cease.
In many cases the antispasmodic action of the drug facilitates the elimination of calculi. ROWATINEX® capsule, being soluble in the small intestine, suits patients with gastric disorders.

Indications :

– Treatment and prophylaxis of urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis
– Urinary tract infections
– Renal colic

Contraindications :

None known

Dosage :

Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician the dose is 1-2capsules 3 times daily, half an hour before meals.

How Supplied :

Strips of 45 capsules in packs of 3 strips.

Storage :

Store in a cool dry place, below 25C.
Keep all medicaments out of reach of children

Manufactured by :

El-Obour City, Cairo, Egypt