Royal Regime Tea

royal regime tea

Royal Regime Tea

Compositi0n :

Cichorium intybus herb                                20 %
Cassia angustifolia leaves                             30 %
Foeniculum Vulgare fruit                             50 %


Laxative &diuretic. For overweight reduction and obesity.

Action :

thraquiniones of Cassia have a laxative action; making the stools
fluidly, and remove water from the body, also the diuretic action of Foeniculum
helps removing the water. So both actions decrease the overweight.
The vitamins and minerals of Cichorium replace the loss of these substances by
laxation , Cichorium is reputed for its .tonic action,


Not to be used with diuretic & laxative drugs.
Cases of diarrhea & diverticulosis or intestinal obstruction & during pregnancy and nursing.

How to use:

Pour 150 ml of boiled water on a packet & leave for 5 minutes to be taken with or without sugar, Half of the dose is to be taken at bed time daily, for the first week. In second week and further two doses to be taken daily, the first one after breakfast and the second one after dinner.

Side effects:

Not known so far


Box of25 or 50 Bags, 2 gm in each

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