Sansovit for the prevention of vitamin and calcium deficiencies

Sansovit  Syrup

Composition :

10 ml contains:
Vitamin A                        2400 l.U
Vitamin D3                      200   l.U
Vitamin B1                       2   mg
Vitamin B2                       2   mg
Vitamin B6                       1   mg
Vitamin C                         100 mg
Vitamin E                         2    mg
Nicotinamide                   10  mg
Dexpanthenol                  4    mg
Calcium gluconate           50  mg
Calcium phospholactate 50 mg
Main Ingredients
Malt juice cone.                             0.131 gm
Grape fruit juice cone.                 0.065 gm
Orange juice cone.                        0.131 gm 

Properties :

Sansovit provides all the 9 vitamins essential during children growth and development, combined with calcium. The daily administration of Sansovit ensures full vitamin supply forthe growing children.
Sansovit prevents rickets. It also prevents development and growth disturbances. It promotes the formation of bone and teeth, increases the resistance in acute and chronic infectious diseases, prevents metabolic disorders and loss of appetite, ensures normal operation of the nervous system, and stimulates the natural functions of the skin.
Vitamin A :stimulates the growth, development and function of the skin and mucous membranes. It increases mucous membrane resistance particularly in the nasopharyngeal region against
pathogen invasion. It is also the essential vitamin for night vision.
Vitamin D3 :and Calcium Salts prevent rickets and promote the formation of bone and teeth.
Vitamin B1: Plays a major part in carbohydrate metabolism (sugar and starch) and it is an important factor in normal functioning of nerve cells and the myocardium.
Vitamin B2: is involved in cell respiration. It also promotes growth and weight gain in children.
Vitamin B6: is required for protein metabolism.
Nicotinamide :is necessary for carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. It supports the nervous system functions.
Dexpanthenol : increases resistance to infection by influencing the metabolic process of the skin and mucous membrane. It also promotes hair growth.
Vitamin E: is involved in carbohydrate and protein metabolism as well as the regulation of important hormonal functions.
Vitamin C :stimulates the growth and the function of connective tissue. It is also involved in the formation of blood cells and it activates the body defense mechanisms against pathogens.

Pharmacokinetics :

* Fat – soluble vitamins
are absorbed together with fat from intestine into blood circulation, any disease or disorder that affects the absorption of fat could lead to deficiency of these vitamins, once absobred into the circulation these vitamins are carried to the 111“11““““““““““““““““““““““““liver where they are stored, hence excreted

* Water – soluble vitamins
are stored in the body only a brief period of time and are then excreted by the kidneys, water soluble vitamins need to be taken on daily basis either from food or pharmaceutical preparations.

Indications :

For the prevention of vitamin and calcium deficiencies.

Dosage and administration :

Children aged 1 – 5 years: 2 – 3 teaspoonfuls daily,
School children and adults: 3 – 4 teaspoonfuls daily.

RDA for children :

Vitamin A                   2500  I.U
Vitamin D3                400     I.U
Vitamin E                   7          mg
Vitamin B1                  1         mg
Vitamin B2                0.6       mg
Nicotinamide             15        mg
Panthenol                   3          mg
Vitamin B6                1.2       mg
Vitamin C                   40       mg
Maximum daily allowance of fat soluble vitamins
Vitamin A                5000  I.U.
Vitamin E                10       mg
Vitamin D3              400    I.U.

Note :

Occasional yellow discoloration of the urine after intake of Sansovit is attributed to vitamin B2 content which is completely harmless.
For diabetics 10 ml Sansovit contains about 8 g utilizable carbohydrates.

Precautions :

As with all preparations containing vitamin D Sansovit must not be taken in hypercalcemia (excess of calcium in the blood) or in hypercalciuria (excess of calcium in the urine). Sansovit should not be used for long periods in doses higher than those specified, with renal calculus or in Boeck’s disease without medical advice. Doses in excess ofthose indicated, especially with concurrent use of vitamin D preparations other than Sansovit, may lead to vitamin Dover
Sansovit syrup contains citrus fruit concentrates and hence no artificial food colors.

Pharmaceutical form and contents :

Sansovit syrup in glass bottles of 60,120 & 200g syrup.
Store all drugs carefully and keep them out of reach of children.
Store in a cool place & at temperature not exceeding 30 C
Shake before use

Manufactured by :

AUG Pharma

سانسوفيت للوقاية من الاصابة بنقص الفيتامينات والكالسيوم