Spasmorest antispasmodic for functional gastrointestinal tract disorders

Spasmorest                                                                                               Tablets / Syrup / Ampoules

Composition :

Each ampoule (1ml) contains: Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 10 mg
Each tablet contains: Dlcyclomine Hydrochloride 10 mg , 20 mg
Each 5 ml syrup contains : Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 10 mg
(spasmorest syrup contains propylene glycol 1.5% as an additive)

Properties :

• Spasmorest (Dicyclomlne hydrochloride) is a synthetic tertiary amine compound with weak anticholinergic properties but appears to exert a non specific direct relaxant effect on smooth muscles. In theraf”‘utic doses it decreases spasms of G.I.T., biliary tract, uterus Without producing characteristic atropine like effects on salivary, sweat. aastrointestinal glands, the eye or Ihe cardiovascular syslem. Its half life IS 1.8 hours (initial phase), 9·10 hours (secondary phase). Its protein binding is very low and it is excreted through urine as the unchanged drug.

Indications and usage :

– functional gastrointestinal tract disorders, ego Functional diarrnea. general hypermotility, pylorospasm Neurogenic colon and acute enterocolitis.
– irritable bowel syndrome, spastic colon.
– Biliary tract: spastic disorders 01 the biliary tract
– Splenic flexure syndrome.
– Urogenital tract, to relieve urinary frequency and urgency nocturnal enuresis and ureteral colic
– Infant cote
– Nausea and vomiling of early pregnancy.

Contra-indicalions :

• In therapeutic doses no contra-indications .

Over dosage :

– in high doses it is contra-indicated in:-
– hypersensitivity to enticholinergics.
– Infants weighing Less Than 10 Kg Should Use The Producl Under
medical supervision due to probability of respiratory depression
collapse and syncope as well as rapid increase in body temperature.
It should be regarded when admlnistenng the syrup not to exceed the dose of the added propylene glycol by more than 25 mg/kg . the syrup should not be used for patients with renal failure.
– Breast feeding in mothers nursing babies under 12 weeks.
– Narrow angle glaucoma, cardiac disease, gastrointestinal obstructive disease, prostatic hypertrophy and myasthenia gravis.
– In elderly patients due to Increase in susceptibility to mental and
other toxic diseases with other anticholinergic and CNS depressants.

Dosage and administration :

Adult: 10·20 mg 3·4 times daily not exceeding 80 mg daily.
Children 2·12 years: 10 mg 3-1 times daily not exceeding 40mg daily.
Children under 10Kg: 5mg 2·3 times daily not exceeding 15mg daily.
Ampoules: by intramuscular injection not for intravenous use.

Packing :

Boxes 016 & 100 Ampoules (1ml)
Boxes of 20 tablets (10 mg , 20 mg)
Bottles of 125 ml of Syrup

Produced by :

misr company for pharmaceuticals