Timogen for symptomatic treatment of pain of the digestive tract and biliary system

Timogen syrup


120 ml bottle contains:
Tiemonium methylsulphate : 240 mg .
Each 5 ml contains 10 mg Tiemonium methylsulphate .

Pharmacological Properties :

Tiemonium : Mixed antispasmodic:
Musculotropic .
Anticholinergic ( 1/50 th of the effect of atropine at atropine molar concentration ).

Pharmacokinetic Properties:

Oral route: half-life of absorption: 36 min, apparent half-life of elimination :3 hr 24 min.
Maximum plasma concentration in 2 hr, total excretion in 72 hr (fecal excretion 70 % in 72 hr, urinary :
8 % in 24 hr, also by respiratory and cutaneous routes ) .


-Symptomatic treatment of pain related to functional disorders of the digestive tract and biliary system.
– Treatment of spasm and pain in the urinary tract and in gynaecology.


-Urethroprostatic disorders involving a risk of urine retention.
-Risk of angle-closure gloucoma.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding :

-The results of animal studies of tiemonium did not reveal any teratogenic effects.
-Although these results do not prejudge the effects in man, no deformities have been reported up till now with normal use .
-In the absence of sufficient data, prudence should be the rule for nursing mothers although no problems were reported with normal use .

Dosage and method of administration:

The usual dosage of TIMOGEN is :
For childern dosage :3 teaspoonfuls 1 5 kg body weight 1 day.
For adults: 1 to 3 tablespoonfuls, 3 times a day.


bottle containing 120 ml.


keep at temp. not exceeding 30’c in adry place.
To be used under medical supervision
Keep out of reach of children

Produced by :

Tenth of Ramadan City, A.R.E.