Tobral sterile eye drops superficial ocular infections

Tobral sterile eye drops superficial ocular infections 691562 691 Tobral sterile eye drops superficial ocular infections Tobral sterile eye drops superficial ocular infections
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TOBRAL sterile eye drops


Each 5 ml contains:
Tobramycin (USP)     15 mg


TOBRAL is water soluble – broad spectrum bactericidal.antibiotic which inhibits
protein synthesis by competing with mRNA and has better antibacterial efficiency than other aminoglycoside antibiotic. TOBRAL is active against both G -ve and G +ve bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Homophiles influenza , Aegyptius, Neisseria sp. , Klebsiella Pneumonia, E. Coli, Proteus sp. ,Enterobacter Aeorgenes, Moraxella Lacunata, Acinetobacter Ca1couceticus, Staphylococci sp., including S. Aureus, Streptococci sp., including Strep. Pneumonia and beta- haemolytic Streptococci.


TOBRAL is indicated to patients suffering from:
Superficial ocular infections.{ e.g. conjunctivitis. keratitis. kertoconjunctivitis, corneal ulcer. blepharitis. blepharoconjunctivitis and acute meibomianitis)

Side effects:

Transient stinging & burning sensation on instillation are rare. Hypersensitivity ( allergic reaction, itching ,swelling and other of eyelid irritation) recorded in few cases.

Contra indications:

TOBRAL is contraindicated in patients sensitive to any ingredients in the formula. Mycobacterium infection of the eye.
Fungal infections of the ocular structure.

Pregnancy & lactation:

Safety to use TOBRAL eye drops during pregnancy & lactation has not yet established.
Children: Safe to be used and effective.
Dose: The recommended for treatment of:
– Mild to moderate infections: one drop every four hours .
– Sever infections: : one drop every one hour .
– Treatment should be continued until improvement occurs, followed by reducing the frequency of administration.


Store at a temperature not exceeding 30 ·C, away from direct light.
The drops should not be used for more than 4 weeks after first opening.


A self dropper plastic bottle x 5 ml .

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