Vita plus zinc dietary supplement of vitamin C and E, zinc and magnesium

vita plus zinc

Vita plus zinc  capsules


Each capsule contains :
Vitamin C coated                                              90 mg
Vitamin E acetate 50 %                                   30 mg
(Equivalent to 15 IV vitamin E)
Magnesium sulphate dried 70 %                   100 mg
(Equivalent to 14.1 mg Magnesium)
Zinc sulphate. H2o                                           30.2 mg
( Equivalent to 11 mg Zn )

Pharmacological Action:

Vita plus zinc contains important components acts synergistically for body health and vitality .
Vitamin C is an essential coenzyme for collagen formation, tissue repair and synthesis of lipids and proteins. It acts both as a reducing agent and as antioxidant. It is necessary for many physiologic function e.g metabolism of iron, carbohydrate, folic acid, resistance of infection and preservation of blood vessels integrity.Absorbed in all body tissue but high concentration in glandular tissue and low in muscle and fat.
Vitamin E a fat-soluble vitamin, prevents the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty reacts with free radicals, which are the cause of oxidative damage to cell membranes, without the formation of another free radical in the process. Zinc cofactor for over 70 different enzymes “alkaline phosphate, DNA and RNA polymerase to.
Magnesium essential constituent of many enzyme system, store mainly in skeleton.

Indications & Usage:

Dietary supplement of vitamin C and E, Zinc and Magnesium.

Contra – Indications:

Hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation.

Side Effects :

In excessive dose may cause gastro-intestinal disturbance.

Warnings & Precautions :

Used cautiously in case of renal or hepatic impairment.

Dosage & Administration:

One capsule once daily after meal.


A carton box of20 capsules (2 strips each contains 10 capsules).


Stored at temperature not exceeding 30°C & in dry place.

Product of :


فيتا بلس زنك مكمل غذائى لفيتامين ج وفيتامين هـ والماغنسيوم والزنك