Alvital iron food supplement for vitamins and iron syrup


Alvital Iron
Food supplement for vitamins and iron


Each 5 ml of the syrup contains:
Vitamin A                                                                                1200I.U.
Vitamin D3                                                                              1001.U.
Vitamin B1                                                                               1.0mg
Vitamin B2                                                                               1.3665 mg
Vitamin B6                                                                               0.5mg
Vitamin C                                                                                  50.0 mg
Vitamin E                                                                                  1.0mg
Nicotinamide                                                                          5.0mg
Panthenol (as calcium pantothenate 2.1836 mg)    2.0mg
Calcium glubionate (correspond to 5.3 mg Ca)       81.5523 mg
Ferrous gluconate (corresponding to 5.4 mg Fe)    43.2 mg


Alvital Iron syrup is used as a food supplement for vitamins and ire


The usual daily dose is :
Children 1-5 years: 2-3 teaspoonful.
School children and adults: 3-4 teaspoonful.


Not used for diabetic patients.


Bottle containing 120 ml of the solution.
Food supplement not treat, not mitigate or diagnose (FDA).

Produced by:

SIGMA Pharmaceutical Industries. Egypt S.A.E.

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