Corasore for hypotension


Corasore heptaminol

For Hypotension

Composition :

• Each 1 m     ral drops (= 25 drops) contains 150 mg heptaminol.
• Each tablet contains 150 mg heptaminol HCI.

Properties :

Heptaminol (Corasore=) is a cardiac stimulant (having a positive inotropic
action). It increases coronary blood flow with a slight peripheral vasoconstrictor properties and mild eNS. stimulant effect. Heptaminol has no cumulative action.

I ndications :

–  Hypotension, fainting tendency and slight to moderately severe circulatory
–  Asthenia, nervous and physical fatigue in general and sporting medicine.
–  Adjuvant treatment of mild and moderate cases of heart failure particularly
incipient pulmonary edema.
–  Heart failure associated with toxic, infectious, degenerative orarteriosclerotic
myocardial disease.
–  Neonatal.asphyxia.

Contraindications :

There are no known contraindications to the use of heptaminol.

Precautions & Interactions :

–  Hypertension
–  Patients treated with theophylline derivatives.

Side Effects :

A mild tachycardia, palpitation, dizziness or gastric upsets may rarely occur.

Dosage & Administration :

–  Infants & children under 12 years: 4-16 drops (25 -100 mg) depending on
age, 2 – 4 times daily, up to 6 times daily if necessary, or as directed by the physician
–  Adults & children over 12 years: One tablet or 25 drops, (150 mg) 2-4 times daily, up to 6 times daily if necessary, or as directed by the physician.

How Supplied :

– Dropper bottle of 15 mL.
–  Strips of 10 tablets in packs of 2. strips.
– Keep all medicaments aut of reach of children

 Product of:

EI-Obour City, Cairo, Egypt.

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