Lohydran powder for oral rehydration solution

Powder for oral rehydration solution


Each packet (4.216 g) contains:
Sodium chloride                                  0.520 g.
Trisodium dtrate dihydrate              0.580 g.
Potassium chloride                             0.300   g.
Glucose anhydrous                             2.700    g.

Pharmacological action:

Lohydran powder for oral rehydration solution is well balanced formula consisting of
sugar and salts to replace body fluids and electrolytes lost as a result of diarrhea.
– Sodium chloride & Potassium chloride: Replace electrolyte deficit adequately and safely.
– Glucose: Enhance absorption or electrolytes and-water from the intestine.
– Sodium titrate: Added to revert metabolic acidosis.
Lohydran is characterised by its orange flavour taste which make it palatable and
acceptable especially to children in addition to its easily usage in hospital and at home.


– Sodium chloride & Potassium chloride :Are readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract excreted mainly by the kidney and some are lost in the faeces and sweat.
– Glucose: Readily absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, metabolized via pyruvic or lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water with release of energy.
– Sodium citrate: Metabolized after absorption to bicarbonate.


– Treatment of dehydration caused by gastroenteritis or diarrhea.
– Excessive looses of electrolytes In the faeces e.g. chronic diarrhea associated with
intestinal malabsorption or laxative abuse.


Gastrointestinal tract obstruction.

Side Effects :

Vomiting can occur after taking oral rehydration solution, this may Indicate that it was given too quickly. If vomiting occur, administration should be halted for 10 minutes then resumed in smaller, more frequent amounts.

Drug Interactions:

Not known.

Warnings & Precautions:

Caution is required in the follOWing cases:
– Kidney disease (including people who are producing very small amounts or no urine).
– Liver disease.
– People on klw sodium or potassium diet.
– Diabetes.
– Severe and persistent diarrhea and Vomiting.
For infants only breast-feeding or formula feed should be continued during
the hours of rehydration therapy.

Pregnancy and lactation:

Lohydran can be used safely during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage & Administration:

– Dissolve the contents of the packet in 200 ml fresh water (previously boiled and
cooled water for infants) and given slowly by using a spoon.
– Don’t boil the prepared solution.
– The solution should be made up immediately before use and used within one hour.
If refrigerated the solution should be used Within 24 hours only,
Usual dose: 200-400 ml solution after every loose stool.
Children under 2 years of age: 50-100 rnl of fluid after every kx>se stool.
Children aged 2 up to 10 years: 100-200 ml after every loose stool.


Once rehydration is complete, the patient should dnnk normal volume of fluids, in
infant breast feeding or formula feed should be offered between oral rehydration drink


Box of 10 packets.


Keep-awayirom moisture & at temp. not exceeding 30 c

Produced by:

Chemical Industries Development (CID) – Giza – A.R.E. – G.C.R.

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