Otrivin baby saline

Otrivin  Baby Saline

Saline Nasal rinsing solution 15 ml Nasal Drops

What is otrivin baby saline?

Otrivin Baby Saline is an isotonic saline solution of physiological concentration and PH. Otrivin Baby Saline also contains a constituent which moistens the nasal mucosa.

What is Otrivin Baby Saline used for?

Otrivin Baby Saline helps you to clean your baby’s or child’s nose in depth in a gentle and soothing manner, Otrivin Baby Saline is also suitable for adults.

Why should you clean your Baby’s nose?

The natural method of cleaning the nose is- blowing it. A clean nose helps eliminate nasal problems. Babies and infants do not know how to blow their noses. For this
reason, your baby’s nose must be regulatory cleaned. The best way of doing so is to wash the nostrils with isotonic saline solution which dilutes the nasal secretions while maintaining the humidity of mucous membranes.

How Otrivin Baby Saline is used ?

Otrivin Baby Saline is recommended for babies, infants children and adults (and during Pregnancy and Lactation). When you use the drops, apply one drop or two drops in each nostril, several times a day, depending on the case.

What dose Otrivin Baby Saline Contain?

Sodium Chloride 0.74%WN, Benzalkonium chloride, Dihydrated monosodium phosphate, Anhydrous disodium phosphate, cremophor RH40, Sodium edetate, purified water.


Store below 30 “C. The expiry date is indicated on the container and box.


Nasal drops: 15 rnl.

Produced by

under licence from Novartis Consumer Health SA,
Nyon, Switzerland.

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