Protozole tablets for antiprotozoal and antibacterial


Protozole Tablets
antiprotozoal & Antibacterial


Each tablet contains 500 mg     Tinidazole


Protozole ( Tinidazole – MUP ) is an imidazole derivative which exerts a marked
antiprotozoal activity against Trichomonas vagin8lis, Giardia Jamblia (intestinalis). and against both intestinal and extraintestinal forms of Entameba histolytica.
Protozole exhibits an antibacterial activity against Gardnerella vaginalis, and against a wide
variety of anaerobic organisms including:
– Gram-negative bacilli: Bacteroides species, and Fusobacterium species.
-Gram-negative cocci: Voillonella species.
– Gram-positive bacilli: Eubacterium-species.
– Gram-positive cocci: Peptococcus species, and peptos/reptococcus species.
– Spore-forming Gram-positive bacilli: Clostridium species.
Protozole is slowly metabolized in the body, so it has a long duration of action which allows a single daily dose therapy. It is very well tolerated by most patients, and higher cure rates have been achieved by its use in comparative trials with other imidazoles.

Indications & Dosage:

1-As an antiprotozoal:

  Indications                                                                    Dosage
Trichomonal vaginitis & giardiasis Adults                  4 tablets as a sinale dose
Children         50-75 mgJkg as a single dose                                                                                               may be  repeated once aaain.
Intestinal amoebiasis                       Adults 4 tablets as a sinole dailv dose for 2-3 days.
Children  50-60 mQ/kQ as a slnqle dail dose                                                                                                        for 2-3   days.
Extraintestinal amoebiasis e.g.       Adults 3-4 tablets as a sin le dailv dose for 2-5 days
amoebic heoatitis and abscess.       Children   50-60 mglkg as a single daily dose for 2-5 days.


–  In case of trichomonal vaginitis, the male partner must receive the same treatment to reduce risk of relapse.
–  Amoebic liver abscess should be as irated.
2 – As an antrbacterlal (for aut use only
Dosage for children below 12 years of age has not been established for this ouroose :
Indications                                                                            Dosaae
As a propnylaxsts against anaerobic                       4 tablets as a single dose given   colonic infections in cvnecolocic                                  12 hours before surgery
and abdominal suroerv. surcerv,

Treatment of anaerobic infections such as:             4 tablets as a single dose are given
Intra-abdominal infections e.g. peritonitis                as initial treatment on the first
, intra-abdominal abscess), Gynecologic                       day to be fllowed by daily
infections (e.g. endometritis endomyometritis)             doses of 2 tablets for
, skin & soft tissue Infections, lower                                        4-5 days.
respiratory tract infections(pneumonia
, lung abscess, empyema),  endocarditis
caused by bacteroides species, and
other anaerobic infections by susceptible.
Non-specific vaginitis caused by                            4 tablets 8S 8 single dose (better

gardnerella vaginalis and anaerobic                  to be followed by another 4 tablets

bacteria.                                                                    on the next day for better resutts

Ulcerative stomatitis and in ivitis.                           4 tablets as a sinole dose.


–  In mixed infections by both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, the proper antibacterial for aerobic bacteria must be givenjn conju.n<;1i,oo with protczole
– Generally protozole tablets should be given during or after meals.

Side Effects:

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, dryness of mouth, and metallic taste may occur in occasional patients.


– Blood dyscrasia, neurological diseases, and in nursing mothers.
– History of hypersensitivity to Tinidazole.

Use In Pregnancy:

Contraindicated in the first trimester, and should not be used during the last two trimesters except when absolutely necessary.

How supplied:

Box containing 1 strip x 4 tablets.
Box containing 3 strips x 4 tablets.

Product of:

Medical Union Pharmaceuticals,
Abu-Su~an, Ismailia, Egypt.

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