Doxymycin for broad spectrum antibiotic

doxy maicen

Doxymycin     Capsules
Broad spectrum antibiotic


Each capsule contains:
Active Ingredients:
Alpha.6 – deoxy oxytetracycline Hyclate     100 mg
Inactive ingredients:
,Lactose  , magnesium stearate,  PvP k25, ethyl alcohol, talc.

Pharmaceutical form:


Pharmacological action:-

Doxymycin is amember of Tetracycline antibiotics which exert their antimicrobial effect by the intibition of protein synthesis. They are bacteriostatic against wide range of Gm +ve & Gm -ve organisms

Pharmacoklneucs :

DolymyCin k completely absorbed 9O~. 10 100 Z afteronladm!nim’ation and bound to plasma proteins in vu)’ing dC’f:reH. Tbereforehigbublood levels Ilrtlttllincd.
Distribution: Distributed widely into bodf tissues ,fluids, including lyao”iJl,pkun~ prmtltk,$tmlnll fluids, bronchial seereuons , Saliva Relldily crosses placfnt. 2S 7. to 937.protfin bound. Itucoocenlnted in theb ileb)’theli,er,cnreted In urincand fKes In high conccntraUon in it5 biologically active form. Serum half-life 18-22 hoon In IndMdulUs •••. Ith impaired renll function .lIcmodialysis does not aller the serum halflifeofdolym)”dn. Unlike othertctntcydines dOlym)’clo I’not notably Influenced byth eingestionoffoodormllk.


Rocky mountain spotted rever, t)]lhus feHr ,Q fe\er and rickettsial pol fevtr caused by RkketUlae. Respiratory trllet Infection nused by M)’coplaiima, klebslell. & Strcpt(ICOCCIU pncumoniae. Acute pelvic innammatory dlsease.
Lymphogranuloma vcoereum,.Psittacos[s, Ttllehoma, Inclusion conJunctl”ills & uncomplic.ted uretberal, rectet , endocervlnl infeclion caused b}’
Cblam)”dl.splccl’S. NongOI!.(N:OC(llurethrltiluusedbylJreaplasmall.rcal}·ticll.m
Relapsing fever caused b}’80rrclill recurrentis. CholennusedbyVibri(ICholcra Camp}loblcter felus infKtion caused by Campylobacltr felu5
BruceHosuuusedby Bructllasplectl. Actinom)’cosls caused by Actinomycts. Aculcloleslinal.mebiasll es adjunct to ameblclde. inrectioncaused by Clostridium spleces, In se,’cracncUledas adJunctive therapy, Propbylllls of malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum and “frI,’eller dl.rrhe. UIlSed by EnlerololigenJc E.coil.

Dosage & administration:

Uwal ~ ofdoxycycUne it lOO mg on the Ilrst day given al single dose or 100 mg CHI”) 12 hours followed by mainten.ntf d05C of 100 m&ld.y. Uncomplkated gonococcallnfKtlon in IIdults, untomplklled urelhral, endocel’\’lcal or rectal  infectionin Idults&noogon(ICoccal urethritis Ills recommended 10 be Ia[,;fn In 100 mgtwke d.ily for 7 dl)’s, S)·pbllls:loomgtwieeda.ilyfor2w«ks. For propb)”lalis of miliaria: 100 mg dally .lIsbould begin I -2 d.)·s befure tnHllo mllarloul.rea & should be continued dllly during IrlHI.nd for 4 weeks .fter leavln\/. the mal.rlou5 .ru.1f gllstric irritation occurs. it is recommended that dox)”C)clinf be given ,,’lIh food ormllk & the .bsorption of It will nOI be Innutocedb)”lbem.


Persons who hllVe shown 5eDsitlvlly 10 any of the tetrac)”clyines.

Side effects ;-

Gaslrolnteslinll: anorula,nlll”.,,·omitlng, gloSlltiJ,dysplulgla,diarrhea anInnammltory lesions “,’ith monllilt o,·ergro”,1h. SIi:]n:maculop.pullr&erythemllou5rll5hcs.
Rtn.llolicily: rise iD BUN (blood urea nitrogen) Ind It Is dcse rellted. ptrsensith’Uy ructions:”luis, periurditis &n.cerh.tion of s)”Slemlc lupus erythfmllosus.. Blood: hfmolytk .Deml •. eeutrcpenla, Ihrombotytopenia & eosinophlli. hlH betD reported, Others: intracr.nialhn>ertension In adult’l.

Drug interactions:

Because of Its effect on depressing prothrombin activity, patienls who are on anticogulant therapy may require downward adjustment of their anticogulant dose.
As It is bacteriostatic drug it may Interfere with the bacteridal action of penicillin so it is advisable not to be given togetber. Administer penicillin 2 to 3 hours before doxycycline.

Absorption of doxycycline is Impaired {Decreased )by antacidl containing aluminum, calcium or magnesium & iron, bismuth subsalicylate containing preparations. Barbiturates ,carbamazepine &Phenytoin decrease half of doxycycline
Concurrent use of doxycycline may render oral contraceptives less active.

Pregnancy &Lactation:·

Doxymycin is contraindicated during pregnancy & breast feeding due 10 its side effects such as tooth discoloration, enamel hypoplasia and bone growth retardation.

Precautions &Warning:

Used cautiously in patients with Impaired renal or hepatic functions.

May cause permanent discoloration of teeth, enamel detects & bone growth retardation in children under 8 age and If taken during last half of pregnancy.

Package& storage:-

Carton box contains PVC / AL strip with 10 capsules and pamphlet.

Store in dry plase below 25 “C, protect from moisture.

Instructions to patients:-

Keep out of reach of children
Use under medical supervision

produced by :

the Nile co. for pharmaceuticals and chemical industries

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