Extreme soft calcium chems with chocolate taste



.:. Extreme calcium with chocolate taste chews is the easiest and most convenient ways all over the world to help make sure you are getting enough daily calcium requirement.
.:. By using Extreme there is no large pills and no chalky taste unlike other
traditional calcium supplements.
.:. Extreme is delicious chocolate chews that carry your adequate daily requirement of calcium .
.:. With Extreme there is no heart burn due to stomach irritation.

Composition :

Each piece contains :
Calcium carbonate: 1530 mg     (elemental 500 mg).
Vitamin D 3     200 i.u
VitaminK : 40 Mcg. (For Ca deposition in bone).


1. Calcium:

Helps building bone and teeth and prevent bone loss. Calcium is important for heart muscles excitability and blood pressure. Calcium is important for formation of some hormones and enzymes. Essential for integrity of blood vessels.
2. Vitamin D3 :
Essential for calcium absorption from intestine and its utilization in bone.
Treat some cases of rickets and osteomalacia. Helps body immune mechanism.
3. Vitamin K :
All recent proved that Vit K stimulate bone protein (Osteocalcin ) Which is essential to increase the affinity of osteoblast to trap calcium .

 Indications :

1) Cases of increased calcium demand:
– Pregnanecy & lactation.
– Bone fissures & fractures.
– Childhood adolescence & geriatrics .
2) Cases of inadequate calcium intake such as:
– Chronic illness .
– Diet regimen.
Prolonged anorexia.
– Malnutrition, maldigestion and malabsorption syndrome.
3) Treatment of calcium deficiency cases as :
– Osteomalacia & Osteoprosis.
– Chronic allergy
– Dental caries.

Dose :

1 -2 pieces / day or as directed by Physician.

Packing :

A back of 20 pes,
A back of 40 pes .


store at room temperature

produced by :

Dulex  lab to add value

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