neo – Haemorrhan for Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Local anaesthetic, Anti-haemorrhoidal.

neo - haemorrahan

neo – Haemorrhan

Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic,
Local anaesthetic, Anti-haemorrhoidal.


Each     Each 1 g.

Suppository contains Ointment contains

Ruscus Extract  (Ruscogenin)                                     5 mg.                10 mg.                     Prednisolone Acetate                                                    3.5 mg.            1.75 mg.                 Lignocaine HCI                                                                  30 mg.              15 mg.
Aluminum Acetate                                                          40 mg.              20 mg.
Zinc Oxide                                                                          240 mg.            120 mg.


NEO-HAEMORRHAN preparations contain a variety of ingredients which have proved to be of great value in the treatment of piles and anal fissures.
Ruscus extract contains mainly ruscogenines which possess antiphlogistic and anti-  inflammatory effects. Prednisolone produces its dramatic effect asan-anti-intlammatory agent, it is relatively non-irritating to tissues than other corticosteroids, and its anti-  inflammatory activity is about four times as that of cortisone. Lignocaine HCI acts  as a surface anaesthetic. It produces more rapid, intense and extensive local  anaesthetic action than procaine HC!. Aluminium acetate solution is astringent and  antiseptic. Zinc oxide is a non-toxic protective, soothing mild antiseptic and styptic.
NEO-HAEMORRHAN preparations contain special emolient base and form a
permanent protective thin film coating the inflamed area and thus sustaining the  action of the active ingredients.

Indications & Usage:

-Internal and external piles, anal fissures.

-Pruritis ani.

Dosage & Application:

-One suppository or about two gm ointment to be applied deeply into the anus, before  going to bed or after bowel evacuation.


NEO-HAEMORRHAN Suppositories: Boxes of 6 suppositories
NEO-HAEMORRHAN Ointment: Collapsible tubes of about 12 g. with detachable

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contrary 10 instructions is dangerous for you.
– Follow strictly the doctor’s prescription, the method of use and the
instructions of the pharmacist who sales the medicament.
– The doctor and the pharmacist are experts in medicine. it’s benefits
and risks.
– Do not by yourself interrupt the period of treatment prescribed for you.
– Do not repeat the same prescription without consulting your doctor.
– Keep medicament Dui of children reach
Council of Arab Health Ministers and Union of Arab Pharmacists


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